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In the latest episode of the "Beyond the Profile" podcast, Konstantin Dubovitskiy sits down with Anna Tatar, Vice President of Talent Acquisition and a partner at SolvIT Strategies. They discuss the intricacies of tech recruiting, exploring Anna's journey and the significant transitions she has experienced.

From Corporate to Entrepreneurship

Anna began her career in recruiting in 2007 with Robert Half, focusing on finance and accounting. Despite initially leaving the recruiting industry, Anna returned, driven by her passion for sales and interaction. After a stint in technology contracting, she joined K4 in 2010, which laid the foundation for her recruiting career.

In 2020, she took a bold step, founding a kids' clothing line during the COVID-19 pandemic. This entrepreneurial spirit led her back to recruiting, where she joined SolvIT Strategies in 2022. Anna highlights the stark differences between working for a large corporate firm and a smaller entrepreneurial venture. In a corporate setting, you have a fortress of support, whereas in a smaller firm, you become the fortress, bearing the brunt of every success and failure.

Creativity and Quick Decision-Making in Entrepreneurship

Anna emphasizes the increased room for creativity in entrepreneurship. While corporate roles provide opportunities for innovation, the flexibility and rapid decision-making in a smaller firm are unmatched. This agility allows for swift implementation of new strategies and quick adjustments based on immediate feedback.

Key Differentiators in Tech Recruiting

While some firms focus on niche skill sets or territories, SolvIT Strategies adopts a holistic approach. They emphasize understanding client needs and providing tailored solutions, rather than just filling vacancies. This involves cross-departmental insights and a comprehensive understanding of the client's pain points.

Practical Advice for Recruiters

Anna shares two pieces of actionable advice for recruiters:

  1. Implement Ideas: If you come across a great piece of advice or a new tool, implement it immediately. This proactive approach differentiates successful individuals from the rest.
  2. Complete Tasks: In a world with constant distractions, it's crucial to complete tasks before moving on to the next. This Kaizen approach ensures thoroughness and efficiency.

Insights and Tips for Tech Recruiters

  1. Understand Client Needs: Go beyond just filling vacancies. Take the time to understand the client’s broader business goals and how the new hires will fit into their strategy. This holistic approach helps in finding the right candidates who can contribute to the company's success.
  2. Use AI for Recruitment: Leveraging AI can significantly improve your recruiting process. Tools like AI-powered candidate sourcing and analysis can help identify top talent more efficiently. For example, using AI to analyze the attributes of your top performers can help you find similar high-potential candidates.
  3. Focus on Retention: Recruiting top talent is just the beginning. Focus on strategies to retain these employees. Understand what makes your top performers stay and try to replicate those conditions across your team.


Anna Tatar's journey is a testament to the dynamic nature of tech recruiting. From corporate roles to entrepreneurship, her experiences offer valuable insights into the industry's evolving landscape. As she continues to innovate at SolvIT Strategies, Anna's story serves as an inspiration for recruiters and entrepreneurs alike.

For more insights from Anna Tatar, listen to the full podcast episode on "Beyond the Profile": 

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