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We are excited to announce our recent partnership with Careerist, a Y Combinator S21 company, specifically with their new technical recruitment agency specializing in sourcing top-tier tech talent. Careerist sourcing team is leveraging our AI search to source hard-to-find software engineers from a vast resource of over 60 million developers worldwide.

Sourcing Exceptional Candidates

One of the key factors that sets Careerist apart is its exceptional team of seasoned recruiters, software engineers, and tech sales professionals. This diverse blend of expertise enables Careerist to have a deep understanding of the industry and its technical requirements. This meticulous approach aligns perfectly with Prog.AI's commitment to providing our clients with exceptional talent solutions.

Careerist is a recruitment agency that brings together a team of experienced recruiters, software engineers, and tech sales professionals who possess extensive knowledge of the industry and its technical requirements. This diverse expertise allows them to evaluate candidates with exceptional precision and understanding, surpassing the capabilities of typical recruitment agencies.

Since its establishment in 2019, Careerist has played a pivotal role in transforming careers and accelerating the growth of individuals. With an impressive track record, they have successfully placed over a thousand individuals in prestigious organizations such as Amazon, Meta (consisting of Facebook & Instagram), Google (including YouTube), Apple, Oracle, Disney, Uber, Tesla, Salesforce (including Slack), Snap, and numerous other Fortune 500 companies.

Powerful Collaboration, Exceptional Results

By leveraging Prog.AI's platform, Careerist gains access to powerful AI search capabilities and a comprehensive pool of highly detailed engineering profiles. This integration empowers Careerist to streamline the talent acquisition process, ensuring recruiters can quickly and efficiently identify top-tier candidates who closely match their clients' requirements. With a shared commitment to excellence, Careerist and Prog.AI are poised to deliver exceptional talent solutions and drive the transformation of technical sourcing with AI.

Elevate Your Tech Talent Acquisition 

Through Careerist's track record of connecting businesses with premier candidates in just 2-4 days, and Prog.AI's innovative approach to talent acquisition, we aim to redefine how organizations discover and engage with exceptional candidates. 

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