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Finding the Top Software Engineers for Web Browser Programming and Typescript/React 

Bardeen is a rapidly expanding tech startup based in Silicon Valley that recently raised Series A funding.  Their goal is to help professionals simplify their jobs by automating tasks and freeing up time to scale companies and build cutting-edge AI products.

While creating a browser extension that makes managing and organizing repetitive tasks across apps easier, the team encountered a challenge in finding the right software engineers to support their growth. Their CTO, Artem Harutyunyan, was in search of a software engineer who have expertise in complex programming for web browsers and proficiency in Typescript/React. 

Artem wanted to quickly find the perfect fit for his team and streamline the hiring process to ensure seamless integration of new talent in the company.

AI Developer Search

Prog.AI's revolutionized the hiring process for Bardeen by using deep analysis of GitHub. Harnessing the power of data from global platforms such as GitHub, GitLab, LinkedIn, and StackOverflow, Prog.AI has created a dynamic resource with over 60 million software engineer profiles from across the globe. It also offers in-depth insights into technical skills, project history, seniority levels, and past work experiences to ensure Bardeen locates the perfect fit for their talent needs.

Prog.AI's advanced algorithms generated a list of 1,000 suitable candidates who met the job description in seconds. Following a personalized email outreach campaign and 40 interviews, Artem and his team were impressed by two candidates, one of whom was Farhan Yahaya, a talented young software engineer from Ghana.

Prog.AI pinpointed Farhan by evaluating his impressive browser extension project on GitHub, which was unavailable on his LinkedIn profile or any other sources. His work in open-source played a crucial role in his success, allowing him to secure a position in a Silicon Valley startup while working remotely.

Finding Hidden Talent

According to research by Dr. Andrew Chamberlain of, the average time to hire employees in the US is 22.9 days, with the duration increasing for more complex roles. The study revealed that hiring a software engineer typically requires 35 days and a minimum of 30 interview evaluations.

It's clear that finding the perfect software engineer for your team isn't a quick and easy task. This is where Prog.AI comes in with its advanced AI-powered solution that analyzes and evaluates millions of software engineer profiles from top platforms like GitHub, GitLab, LinkedIn, and StackOverflow.

Thanks to cutting-edge technology able to recognize over 50,000 technical skills and 60 million profiles, Bardeen's CTO, Artem, was ablewas able to streamline their outbound recruiting efforts and make it easier to use GitHub and other sources of data with a seamless integration. This saved them time and resources that could be better spent on scaling their business and developing innovative products.

If you need help finding the right software engineer for your team, sign up today and take your talent acquisition strategy to new heights with Prog.AI.

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