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In a recent conversation, Brandon Hayes shared valuable insights about specialist recruitment. Brandon, the founder of Kalos Consulting, has been in the niche of recruiting actuaries since 2015. He discussed his journey and the importance of focusing on specialists in recruitment.

Starting a Business: Finding Clients

Starting from scratch, Brandon adhered to a non-compete and non-solicitation clause, emphasizing building his business on honor and integrity. He surrounded himself with mentors and peers, following a “law of thirds”: spending time with experienced individuals, peers, and the next generation. This approach helped him with the initial challenges of finding clients.

Choosing Specialties

When selecting specialties, it’s essential to choose fields where you’re eager to interact with professionals daily. Research whether organizations are willing to pay for services in those areas. For Brandon, this meant finding niches where his expertise could shine and businesses were ready to invest.

Building Client Relationships

Securing appointments often requires multiple touchpoints. Combining email, social content, and phone calls proved effective. Consistency and a genuine belief in the value of the service are crucial. Brandon emphasized the importance of offering something valuable in every interaction, even if it’s just an initial meeting.

Leveraging Technology

While technology is useful, it shouldn’t replace the human element in recruiting. Platforms like LinkedIn are essential, but exploring other sources to find potential clients is also necessary. The goal is to use technology to support, not replace, personal connections.

Actionable Advice

1. Build Genuine Relationships: Focus on authenticity. Clients prefer working with those they trust and feel genuinely interested in helping them.

2. Stay Positive and Focused: Control your mindset by turning off negative influences and believing in the value you offer. Self-awareness and a positive outlook are crucial for success.

In summary, specialist recruitment combines passion, integrity, consistent effort, and strategic use of technology. By building genuine relationships and maintaining a positive mindset, you can succeed in this competitive field.

To learn more about these insights, make sure to listen to the entire podcast episode here.

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