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As a provider of talent sourcing solutions, Prog.AI is always on the lookout for innovative ways to help our clients find the best candidates efficiently. In today's competitive job market, recruiters face the challenge of finding top software engineers who are not actively searching for new job opportunities. 

In this article, we'll explore how Prog.AI helped Aklivity, a company specializing in event-driven service infrastructures, in sourcing top Java Core and Kafka Streams Engineers by analyzing their code contributions and technical skills on GitHub.

The Challenge of Sourcing the Best Technical Talent

According to Dice, it takes an average of 30-39 days to find software developers and engineers in major tech hubsacross the US. Moreover, a significant percentage of developers, 57.6% according to The Stack Overflow Developer Survey (2020), are not actively searching for a job, although remaining open to new opportunities.

To address this challenge, Aklivity turned to Prog.AI for a solution that would streamline their hiring process. Our platform pulls data from GitHub, LinkedIn, and Stack Overflow to create a data-platform of more than 60 million software developers from all over the world and access to over 50,000 technical skills.

Finding the ideal candidate

Zilla API gateway by Aklivity supports event-driven services and data natively, without the need for intermediary brokers or services. It enables non-Kafka apps to publish and subscribe to Kafka topics, which provides an efficient way to store and organize data based on various categories and use cases.

Aklivity's CEO, Leonid Lukyanov, needed to expand and strengthen their API gateway by finding highly skilled Java Core and Kafka Streams Engineers. Since the best developers are not usually actively seeking new opportunities on traditional job boards or LinkedIn, and their profiles are often outdated, there was an opportunity to use specific GitHub repositories and assessing precise matches through source code analysis.

With the specific goal of identifying Java-based open-source contributions related to protocols and networking, Prog.AI utilized the provided links to swiftly generate a comprehensive list of highly qualified candidates within minutes. 

"We’ve got 12 super relevant candidates to interview within the first two weeks of working with Prog.AI!" - Leonid Lukyanov, CEO and co-founder of

The resulting profiles provided access not only to the candidates' GitHub repositories but also to their past experience, education, skills, and contact information, including Twitter and LinkedIn. We exported all the pertinent profiles along with their contact information to Leonid in CSV file format, enabling him to initiate targeted candidate outreach.

Simplifying Talent Outreach for Recruiters

The cost of hiring a developer can be steep, ranging from tens of thousands to over $35,000 for a full-time employee. By streamlining their hiring process with Prog.AI, Aklivity was able to focus on the most promising candidates and conduct outreach and interviews more efficiently. The result was a quicker time-to-hire and a stronger team.

In addition to providing access to high-quality profiles, Prog.AI is now developing an automated outreach tool that will empower clients like Aklivity to engage with candidates at scale and further improve their talent acquisition processes.

As the industry continues to evolve, Prog.AI remains committed to leveraging cutting-edge technologies and data-driven approaches to help companies like Aklivity thrive in their pursuit of top technical talent.

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