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We're thrilled to introduce "Beyond the Profile: Understanding Tech Talent Recruiting", hosted by Konstantin Dubovitskiy. It aims to address one of the biggest challenges in tech recruitment: the disconnect between recruiters and engineers. 

Why This Podcast?

The tech recruiting space is fraught with frustrations. Engineers often receive non-relevant offers that clutter their inboxes, while recruiters find it increasingly difficult to connect with the right talent. Outbound recruiting can be confusing and mildly frustrating for all parties involved. Our podcast is designed to bridge this gap by offering valuable insights and practical advice from the best in the industry.

What You Can Expect

Expert Interviews: Each episode features interviews with the most successful recruiters in the tech space. Learn from their experiences, challenges, and the strategies that have helped them succeed.

Actionable Advice: We don't just talk about recruiting theories. Each episode concludes with specific, actionable advice that you can implement right away to improve your recruiting efforts.

Key Takeaways: We ensure that every episode leaves you with at least one key takeaway that can make a difference in your recruiting strategy.

Sponsored by Prog.AI

We’re a leading platform for IT recruiters. Prog.AI boasts a database of over 60 million engineer profiles sourced from GitHub, providing a powerful tool to find and connect with top tech talent.

Episode Highlight: Content in Recruiting

In our latest episode, we feature Adrian Kolff, Co-Founder of Matchr. Adrian discusses the rise of Matchr, the technologies that keep them ahead of the competition, and the importance of content creation in recruiting. Learn about the strategies and tools they use, including GitHub and Stack Overflow Google Xray, lemlist, Revelio Labs, and TALENTOPP.

Whether you're a seasoned recruiter or just starting out, "Beyond the Profile" promises to provide valuable insights and strategies to help you succeed.

Tune in to our latest episode on Spotify and stay tuned for more expert advice and actionable tips!

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