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We're thrilled to announce several major updates to Prog.AI since we launched our beta last month.

We've been listening to the feedback you've provided and have crafted a roadmap for future improvements. There's a lot more coming this year, but for now, let's dive into what we've rolled out this week.

Improved Search by Filters

With enhanced search capabilities for job titles, seniority, years of experience, and other filters, you can now narrow down your search and find candidates that match your requirements with greater precision. You can now find even more qualified candidates with diverse skill sets, making your recruitment process more efficient and effective.

Introducing "Projects"

This feature enables you to create dedicated folders for each job description, making it easy to manage and organize candidates for specific roles. Additionally, we have included a folder for candidates whose contacts have been acquired, providing you with a seamless way to track your outreach efforts and stay organized.

AI Search - Coming Soon

Instead of configuring search filters, recruiters can simply describe who they are looking to hire or upload a job description, and let our AI technology automatically match it with relevant profiles. You can simply type a prompt like "I am looking for a DevOps engineer in Argentina with experience in Azure and Kubernetes," and let our AI do the rest.

Experience the Future of Technical Sourcing with Prog.AI

Sign up for our waiting list and be among the first to access our beta platform and experience the enhanced search capabilities, organizational features, and upcoming AI-powered search functionality. 

*Disclaimer: The screenshots included in this blog article are for illustrative purposes only and may not reflect the exact appearance of Prog.AI's user interface. The actual user interface may vary based on updates and improvements made by Prog.AI.

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