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Prog.AI's new feature is designed to predict when a software engineer might be receptive to new positions. By analyzing data from their prior work experience from LinkedIn, online professional education portals, and Indeed's Employees' ratings and other insights, Prog.AI has developed predictive scoring that anticipates when a software engineer may be most receptive to a change in jobs.

"With our new 'Likely-to-Move' feature, we're making it easier for recruiters to spot when software engineers are ready for a change.” Says Maria Grineva, computer scientist and co-founder of Prog.AI, “It's all about connecting the right people at the right time."

's insights reveal that job-hopping is increasingly common, especially among young tech professionals in urban hubs like California and New York. Several factors influence these movements, including the work environment, which Prog.AI gathers from feature becomes not just a tech advancement but a strategic resource. It enables technical recruiters to segment candidates that are likely to move, saving them research time and resources, and enabling them to stay ahead in the race for top talent.

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Brunna Almeida