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Prog.AI is thrilled to introduce our latest developments designed to streamline your recruitment processes with more efficiency.

Introducing Our Chrome Extension:

Our new Chrome extension is designed to enhance your experience with LinkedIn and GitHub. Here’s what it offers:

  • Instant Email Capture: Directly capture candidate emails from their LinkedIn and GitHub profiles.
  • Effortless Data Organization: Easily organize contact information into manageable files for better tracking.
  • Seamless Data Export: Quickly export candidate data to Google Sheets or CSV, facilitating smooth workflow integration.
  • Comprehensive Profile Access: Gain immediate access to detailed candidate profiles with a single click, whether on LinkedIn or GitHub.

To see our Chrome extension in action, watch our demo video that showcases its functionality and ease of use.

Google Sheets Integration

Responding to popular demand, we've also integrated the ability to export candidate information directly into Google Sheets, in addition to the existing CSV format. This new feature allows for greater flexibility and ease of use in managing your recruitment data.

Benefits of Google Sheets Integration Include:

  • Single-Click Export: Move data from LinkedIn and GitHub directly into Google Sheets effortlessly.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Share and collaborate on candidate data easily within your team.
  • Integrated Workflow: Maintain an efficient recruitment process by integrating seamlessly with your existing tools in the Google ecosystem.

By simplifying the management of candidate data and enhancing access to essential information, we help you save time and focus more on connecting with top talent.

Explore these new capabilities on our platform today and see how they can transform your recruitment strategy.

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