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1. Find Top Female Software Engineers

Our new diversity filter enable you to focus specifically on top-performing female software engineers based on their GitHub contributions, streamlining your search for exceptional talent and fostering a more inclusive team.

The number of talented female engineers is growing. In 2021, even with worldwide challenges, women made up 16.5% of engineers and 26.6% of the main science and tech fields. Recognizing this positive shift, we've delved into their coding accomplishments on GitHub. Now, you can effortlessly search for, review, and recruit these skilled female engineers from all corners of the globe.

This new filter complements our existing, comprehensive search options that range from technical skills and years of employment to programming languages and job titles.

2. Search by Top Schools in CS

By popular demand, we've added the ability to filter by top universities in computer science and engineering. Now, you can quickly find graduates from top-tier institutions, making your search for exceptional talent even more precise.

3. More Detailed Experience Filters

Based on your feedback, we added two separate filters for candidates’ experience: “years of employment in software” that filters by actual years of work experience, and “years of coding experience” based on their GitHub contributions.

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