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Artem is a tech recruiter with a unique mix of skills and experiences. With a decade in the tech industry, he's worked in coding and held roles in 15 different companies across areas like fintech, big data, Web3, and IoT. He founded Folks.Rocks, where he applies his extensive knowledge as a polyglot, IT researcher, and prompt engineer. His approach is thorough, using deep analysis of LinkedIn profiles and CVs to find the right fit for each role. Artem's technical expertise covers a range of fields, including web analytics, data engineering, and cloud technologies, making him adept at understanding and meeting the complex demands of tech recruitment.

Finding the Best Tech Talent

He emphasizes the importance of starting with clear and precise information from hiring managers. This approach, much like the data science principle of "good data in, good data out," helps create a focused search for candidates. He believes in tailoring the candidate search to match the job's specific needs, which makes finding the right fit more efficient. Artem's method involves asking detailed questions to the hiring manager to understand the role deeply, enabling him to identify candidates who not only have the required skills but also align with the company's vision and culture.

Effective Strategies and Tools for Engaging Passive Candidates

In tech recruitment, it's crucial to move beyond standard job descriptions when reaching out to potential candidates, especially those not actively seeking new opportunities. A more effective approach is to tailor outreach messages to reflect the unique challenges and needs of the company. By highlighting how a candidate's specific skills and past project experiences can contribute to solving current problems, the message becomes more engaging and personalized. This technique not only captures the interest of potential candidates but also conveys a sense of value and relevance to their career aspirations. 

One way to discover important information is by using platforms like Prog AI. It provides the contact information of skilled engineers along with Github data, experiences and more, all in one place, helping recruiters tailor their approach and efficiently identifying candidates who align closely with the specific requirements of a role.

Using tools like ChatGPT and SalesQL can greatly enhance recruitment efficiency. These tools should be used to create personalized messages for platforms like LinkedIn or email campaigns. The goal is to make each interaction with a candidate unique and relevant.

Accurately Assessing Technical Skills

In evaluating technical skills, it’s vital for recruiters to deepen their understanding of specific domains. This involves asking well-thought-out technical questions and using tools like ChatGPT to assess candidates' responses accurately. For instance, recruiters might ask about database operations or programming languages, then use a tool to generate a transcript of the video and verify the correctness of candidates' responses using ChatGPT, which can provide a percentage accuracy of the candidate's knowledge.

Additionally, Artem suggests an innovative approach: watching niche technical interview videos on platforms like YouTube, especially ones not widely viewed by candidates. This strategy involves noting down specific questions from these videos and categorizing them into different technical areas, such as JVM, frameworks like Spring, or ORM technologies. Recruiters can then use these curated questions in their interviews to probe candidates' technical depth and understanding. This method ensures a thorough assessment and helps distinguish candidates based on their unique technical insights and problem-solving abilities. 

"Watch some series of videos about tech interviews, write down some specific questions... and after, just get the response, go to ChatGPT [and ask], 'Is this candidate right or not?'" 

Navigating Recruitment Challenges

One of the toughest aspects of tech hiring is dealing with candidates who use job offers to negotiate promotions at their current workplaces. This unpredictability is a significant challenge because it's impossible to foresee what counter-offers a candidate might receive. The key to handling this is flexibility and having a pool of potential candidates ready. Additionally, maintaining honesty and a personal connection with candidates can lead to alternative referrals, even if the original candidate opts for a promotion.

Effective Networking for Job Seekers

For job seekers, Artem emphasizes the importance of networking and personal branding. Building trust with previous colleagues and recruiters can open doors to new opportunities. Job seekers should focus on narrowing their search to specific skills or technologies, like NiFi in data engineering, to stand out in a crowded market. Personalized communication with recruiters, rather than sending generic messages, can significantly enhance the chances of finding the right job.

Mentoring New Recruiters and Future Goals

For new recruiters, his advice is practical and straightforward: learn as you go, avoid being dull, and always be willing to admit mistakes. This approach is not just for recruiters but extends to professionals across tech sectors. In his own career, Artem's motivation stems from wanting to enhance the recruitment process. Frustrated by receiving irrelevant offers himself, he aims to develop a new generation of recruiters who excel in making accurate and suitable job proposals.

Prog AI: A Tool for Precision in Tech Recruitment

While Artem focuses on the human aspect of recruitment, aligning closely with his philosophy. There’s an undeniable role for technology in enhancing these processes. Prog AI’s platform, designed to refine tech hiring with AI-powered skill analysis and in-depth candidate insights, mirror the precision and efficiency required for a streamlined and effective recruitment process. 

Prog AI simplifies tech hiring with its AI platform, focusing on analyzing skills of over 60 million engineers worldwide. It helps find the right tech talent faster by reducing hiring biases and offering advanced search filters. It provides insights into GitHub contributions, academic achievements, and allows precision targeting based on various filters like programming languages, past companies, and years of experience. Explore how Prog AI can streamline your tech hiring process and lead the shift towards skills-focused recruitment by checking out the demo or signing up for a test trial.

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