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Podcasts offer a convenient way to gain insights right from the industry leaders and experts. We've curated a list of the top 5 tech recruitment podcasts that will enrich your knowledge and skills. Let's dive in!

1. Tech Recruiter Podcast by Michal Juhas

Why You Should Listen:

  • Targeted at independent recruiters, headhunters, and agency owners.
  • Offers valuable advice on establishing business relationships with IT directors.

Key Takeaways:Michal Juhas explores crucial questions like how to consistently find the right tech professionals for companies and how to build long-lasting relationships in the tech industry. Through the Tech Recruitment Academy, he also helps recruiters launch and grow their careers.

2. RecTech by Chris Russell

Why You Should Listen:

  • Aimed at HR professionals, recruiters, and HR tech vendors.
  • Chris Russell is considered the "mad scientist of online recruiting."

Key Takeaways:RecTech delves into the latest tools and vendors in the recruiting tech space. You'll learn how recruiters leverage technology to attract top talent and gain insights from a pioneer in online recruiting since 1999.

3. Talent Takeover Unfiltered Podcast

Why You Should Listen:

  • Offers an unfiltered view of the recruitment industry.
  • Hosted by Brianna Rooney and Taylor Bradley, who bring their unique perspectives to the table.

Key Takeaways:This podcast helps you thrive in chaos, offering real-world recruiting tips. It aims to change how the world views recruiting, making it an essential listen for anyone interested in the intricacies of the recruitment industry.

4. Recruiting is No Joke

Why You Should Listen:

  • Features top talent leaders discussing challenges and trends.
  • Hosted by recruiting veteran Joel Lalgee, with an impressive following and impact.

Key Takeaways:With nearly 200k followers and over 200 million impressions, Joel Lalgee brings together top talent leaders to discuss challenges, trends, and innovative tools like and Teal that are transforming the hiring process.

5. The Use Case with William Tincup by RecruitingDaily

Why You Should Listen:

  • Focuses on how practitioners make the business case for purchasing technology.
  • Offers a fresh perspective on how technology can improve your business.

Key Takeaways:William Tincup discusses with guests the business or use cases for purchasing their technology, inspiring new ways and ideas to make your recruitment business better.

Maximizing Benefits from Recruiter Podcasts

Listening to recruiter podcasts can be a casual activity or something to fill silent moments. But if you want to use these podcasts to improve your hiring methods, learn new things, or get inspired, think about these tips:

Always jot down key points. Whether you use a traditional notebook, digital app, or voice recordings, capture the standout information. This practice not only reinforces your learning but may also offer fresh outlooks when you merge insights from various podcasts. You might jot down something about overcoming recruitment challenges, which may not be relevant at that instant, but it could be invaluable when a similar situation arises later.

Explore specific subject episodes. Go beyond your regular podcast list. Use the search tools in podcast platforms to discover episodes focusing on particular challenges or trends, like "effective candidate screening" or "basics of remote recruitment."

Utilize additional episode resources. Many podcasts provide episode transcripts, quick guides, or summaries. Skimming through these can provide a wealth of knowledge and might be a quick alternative to listening to the entire episode, especially when you're pressed for time.

Seek ideas from diverse sources. Don't limit yourself to only recruiter podcasts for recruitment strategies. For instance, a podcast like "Entrepreneurial Journeys" might discuss stories of founders and the challenges they faced. An episode discussing the pitfalls of micromanaging could prompt you to reconsider certain repetitive tasks in your recruitment process.

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